Investor Club

We currently have 2 ways you can invest your cash with us.

Number one

A Fixed return on yor money, for example:  If the property we wanted to purchase was 100k then if you wanted to invest a 100k you would get a 1st charge on the property.  we would then renovate the deal we sourced and either sell or refinance at the new higher value,  then re-pay your investment

every month getting paid your interest, normally between 10 - 15% dependant on deal and size of investment.

(all deals calculated on a seperate basis)


The 2nd option, Joint Venture

is where for example we take that 100k property again,  and its worth 180k once renovated and sold.

we would lend the 100k,  take care of everything from start to finish, then flip the property for the 180k,  we then split the profits 50/50.

so on this deal we would be returning around 140k to the investor.   A very nice 40k profit on your money for a short term investment.


If you would like to invest with us then please do get in contact.